Monday, June 22, 2015

Make your own canvas

Creating your own Canvas

Greetings fellow crafters from deep in the heart of Texas!  This is a picture of my daughter shortly after having her braces removed.  Isn't that smile "AMAZING"!  Have you ever wanted to try your hand at creating a work of art on canvas but didn't really want to invest in buying one?  Here is a simple cost effective way to create to your hearts content!

Items needed:
Heavy cardboard cut to size
Cotton material of choice

After you cut your cardboard to size squirt a generous amount of Helmar's Super-Tac Glue and spread it out evenly.  You can use an old credit for this is you have one.  Place pre cut fabric on top and smooth it out from the center to outer edges.  Let dry.

Now that you have your canvas apply a coat of gesso and allow it to dry.  Next I applied a top coat of white acrylic paint.  These two steps will keep your paints from bleeding into the material.

Now to create some texture by applying a stencil and paste.  Allow to dry.  
Now it's time to play with paints and mists of choice.

Place your photo where you like on your canvas.  I use a bit of Helmar Craft & Hobby PVA Glue to a square of card board and adhere my photo to it for a touch of height.

Finally I rummage through my stash for a few flowers and other elements to create interest and flow to my canvas.  

I hope this has inspired you to allow your own creativity to take flight.  Don't forget, whatever project you create always start with Helmar glues!

Helmar products used on this project.

Helmar Craft and Hobby PVA Glue
Helmar Super-Tac glue

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