Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall luminary "Helmar Design Team"

Hi everyone, Kathleen here with a fun simple and easy decor project for you.  I was cruising through pinterest the other day looking for fun fall designs when I came across this beautiful luminary.  This project can be made with real or silk leaves.  Even a novice like me found it so easy to make featuring Helmar Decoupage and craft Paste

Tips:  After using Helmar Decoupage and craft Paste make sure to wipe the rim of the jar and the lid thoroughly or by golly you will have a heck of a time opening it again.

I used an assortment of different sizes and colors of fall silk leaves.  I found it helps to take off the plastic veins on the back of the leaves before applying them to the jar.  A snip or two on the larger leaves helps in lapping them around the jar. 

With a wide brush in hand apply Helmar Decoupage and craft Paste liberally on the jar then begin adhering the leaves.  I repeated this basic step over and over until I was satisfied with the end results.  Yes, I did stop and let each layer dry before adding the next layer.  I just found it easier that way.

To complete the look I took a nice long length of jute twine and wrapped it around the top using more Helmar Decoupage and craft Paste.  That's it!

Place a small candle in the jar and your beautiful luminary is ready to shine on any table!

I hope this project has inspired you to take those jars out of the cupboard and create  beautiful fall luminaries of your own. 
As always the perfect design starts with the best Helmar glue products. - See more at:
As always the perfect design starts with the best Helmar glue products. - See more at:

Wishing you and yours a warm and joy filled Thanksgiving.

Decoupage & Craft Paste 8.45 fl.oz.

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