Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Making mini gift boxes for the holiday with Helmar Glue.

Gift boxes for those small gift items or treats featuring Helmar Quick Dry Adhesive!

Merry Christmas greetings to you!  Kathleen here with a quick and easy way to create your own festive gift/treat boxes.

Step one: Create your template by cutting out two 6" circles from ordinary cardstock paper.
Fold the circle in half  then again in half forming and X.
With a marker take one of the circles and match up the rounded outer portion from one line to the other as shown below. Do this to both circles.

Place one corner portion of the circle on top of the other circle then glue them together using your Helmar Quick Drying Glue as shown below.

Now that we have our template it is time to trace and cut  from any decorative paper you wish to use to create your gift box.  Repeat the markings that are on the template to the backside of your box.

Step 2: Using a soft edge tool(knitting needles would work beautifully for this) score the lines and begin to fold each semi circle.  Glue two sides together leaving the top open.

Step three:  Using a circle punch center your opening fold half way and punch.  Repeat this on the second opening fold.  

This is a perfect time to rummage through your stash for any decorative elements to adorn your boxes.
I hope what you have seen here today has inspired you to let your own creativity take flight.

Merry Christmas

 450 Quick Dry Adhesive 1.7 fl.oz.

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